It takes faith…

“Your depth threatens my existence, grounds my spirit but most of all it envisions my impulsive imagination.”


I don’t understand what can hold a person from grasping the abstract? As I do ignore how only direct vision of objects can be truthful to some? They cannot trust what they don’t see!


They seemed so sure wandering in their daily thoughts? I’m not sorry neither sad as I have no further desire to change the world or its laws. Yet, this does not stop my thinking and my question would be: “It does baffle my mind to see human kind so involved in doing what they do, talking about logical patterns and what leads to what ? it is not that I do not get you fool but my brain cannot accept of how you lead some actions , without even knowing why ?”


To me there is no such thing as the word “Truth”, why can’t you see that only in your existence there is a proof. “Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either”. Reading this quote I was happy to see how my thinking led me to this beautiful state of mind. The problem is that we always look at things in terms of Quantity omitting that only by the details around us the picture stand still. The only thing I know and

Of which I’m certain I will never be fully sure, as I know truth is not constant. I will question but at the end of the whole life journey, Honesty will be my true outcome. It takes a lot of thinking to embrace the power of a beautiful heart. But most of all it takes faith…









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