Stranger is back…

Waking up was never my perfect deal. I felt gloomy and bored. Nevertheless, a hot mug of coffee would absolutely cheer me up. My body was heavy with the infinite weight of the day’s impending tasks. I decided to end my misery and draw the curtains of my room. At first it seemed impossible. However I managed to escape my vicious desires…while I was rubbing my eyes, I got the nerve to gather up myself. Then, I headed toward the window; the sunlight was too bright it made my eyes squint.


Once I rolled out of bed, I scrunched my face and I sighed because I knew I had a long day. I couldn’t escape the fate that was written on my face. My reality led me to a dark idea; it obsessed me so to become my second shadow! My mornings, are always crazy and most of the time you find me grumbling and growling.



At a point, I had to interrupt my brain storming. The clock was ticking. It was simply crushing me with no sense of sympathy. While I was busy dawdling the hours away, I heard a joyful laughter coming from downstairs, it sounded familiar ! Seconds later, I believed it must be Aunt Annie, she promised she would come pick me up this summer to register for Piano classes.



My cluttered room confused me, each day I planned to enhance its miserable state but never did. The problem is that action never took its place in my life. Somehow, I found all the reasons to hold me back instead of forgiving myself. I had to look through the past hoping to capture a glimpse of contentment. Unfortunately, I was very good at slumbering and walking away; counting the seconds made me waste my days. Over thinking made me ignore the smallest of details, which could mess up a whole life.



It’s been like an hour, I was only lying in my bed doing nothing but matching assumptions and facts… I loved showers, so I probably I got me a good source of motivation. Therefore, I assumed a good shower will refresh my mind and beat my unstoppable yawning.


As I was shivering, I slowly headed toward soul recovery. My intense curiosity pushed me to find a good shelter for this wild and unsteady imagination of mine. In fact, I’ve always been the clumsy and awkward girl. I tried so hard to win this battle of words loss. In vain, my communication skills announced my permanent historical failure. At this point, I completely understood I was no longer capable of managing my spluttering experiences. With this in mind, I came across my fancy ideal place to be; it seemed like showering raised my –“self awareness”.


Water plans are inspirational enough to repair my wrecked brain. I hopped out of the bed and headed towards the bathroom. I was awakened to a world of fascination due to the hot water dripping all over my nude body. A sensation that abducted my soul and I incredibly surrendered… I plopped into the tub and I was all covered with bubbles. Out of the blue, my heart has performed an exceptional melody of ecstasy as the aching I had been enduring decreased. Truly, walking into the bathroom is becoming my everyday favorite habit; the clothes dropping opens up new horizons and announces the beginning of myself coronation. In this world of mine nothing is as provocative as immersing one’s head underwater.


Coming to the end of this journey, my quivering body had some trouble grasping that this can’t last forever. “I need more of it”, I put more shampoo on my hair and started scrubbing as tender as I could be. Then, I quickly lathered myself with a foamy gel awash that smelled like wonderland magic. When leaving hot water tickling down my whole exhausted body, I achieved orgasm. I closed my eyes and I realized there can’t be something as sensitive and sensual as this . As a matter of fact, I couldn’t be more grateful toward steamy showers for involving me in such state of mind; letting the water seep into each part of my deprived skin until it shrivels up.


After I finished, my luxurious hot shower I went back to my room. Wrapped in my purple fluffy towel, I was making sure to avoid slipping on the wet floor. Out of the blue, he appeared from nowhere, holding a dusty piece of paper.


He whispered to me in a seductive way: Hello. Did you miss me?


I couldn’t believe my eyes; I thought I was going mad. He was unpredictable and charming. He grabbed my arm and asked me to beg him. I wasn’t terrified of his scary face. As I tried to kiss him I closed my eyes. He ended up pushing me and shouted out loud.


Stranger: Stop your nonsense my lady, I came here because I thought we should be discussing Hilbert’s paradox of the Grand hotel! And by the way you are a lazy woman and I don’t like you… I have been watching you lately, and you have proved yourself to be the most worthless person I have ever spied on.


Jenna: I know you are not real … So go away.


Stranger: You are not as gentle as you claimed… look my dear I expected you to fascinate me but look at you; you are getting fat !! Useless and you think you can change the world…


Jenna: At least I do not sneak into people’s dreams. Besides, did you know this is not our first meeting? You’ve been coming to me since I was 13, you should not be surprised I’ve fallen in love with you.


Stranger: You can’t fall in love with an illusion unless you want to become one. In a world of illusions I think that would be possible!


Jenna: so, what was the important issue you wanted to comprehend?


Stranger: Look under your bed you will find a wrapped green box; open it !


Jenna: Go straight to the point instead of dictating instructions.


Stranger: (Sighed) you are useless! Step aside I will get it for you.


He bent down and looked under my bed trying to reach out the Box.


Stranger: Now open it for yourself and read it carefully please.

A box has been handed out by a stranger. An overwhelming curiosity haunted me; a desire to unleash emotions, and to embrace the power of understanding. As I opened the box, I found a folded paper. He was gone before I had the chance to thank him again.


“Regret came from missing my last station in life. We got hung up on a fantasy. You stabbed yourself a long time ago; a stranger will come to you every morning to remind you about your past. You have been locked in a room for years thinking you will make a proper day and become a famous piano artist! Nothing of this happened due to the wicked voices. You should have never been patient Jenna. This is the end of your panic as now you realized what you have been planning for was just an illusion, yours Jenna! You have been defeated, and killed. Every day, the same scenario has been playing over and over. Now, open that door and keep going on!! On your way you will come across n versions of you, don’t let them fool you … You will be sizzled but don’t trust any if you want to arrive safely. I will be waiting ahead Jenna; I have missed you. And if you ever wonder who am I? I might be another version of you possibly. Your wisdom must be your Guardian. Emulating the future is not as easy as it appears to be, but there is nothing wrong with trying … You might fall off the bridge, actually there will be many of them. My dear Jenna I know you have been yearning for recognition and If I had to tell you one last declaration “We are not limited, in a life where people thought we only had one choice, one life and one path I looked beyond my own misleading perception. I have learnt by heart that “A man tells his stories so many times that he becomes the stories. They live on after him, and in that way he becomes immortal. “Yes Jenna, you will see it for yourself, we are as infinite as this universe. At last, you will understand that there is more to life… I Will see you around Jenna. “



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