Sarah Barner…

“What If the 3 dimensions of time « Present », « past », and future exist altogether? What if it was the functional data that sets the illusion of time? However, our understanding of time is indeed relative. How so? Well let me tell you this story so you could judge for your own self…”


Sarah Barner is a 13 years old girl, whose obsession was jumping. Her mother was quite intrigued about the reasons behind her daughter’s irrational behavior. Was it that she liked to play? Was it for fun? One day, Sarah decided to speak and share her thoughts with her best friend bobby. And by the way, bobby was her rabbit!


Bobby: What’s the matter with you Sarah?

Sarah: Probably not in the mood!

Bobby: You’ve always been jumping no matter what happened!

Sarah (Giggling): Oh yes that’s true. But today, I thought I would record the results of my experiment.

Bobby: Well I jump because I have nothing to do!

Sarah: Aha, you’re brilliant Bobby. Did you just say “Nothing”?

Bobby: What are you trying to draw my attention to little redhead?

Sarah: I have been imagining this, what If I keep jumping with no stop would I ever realize time? You said nothing to do, as if doing things was a time function.

Bobby: I’m not following you I guess. But what’s the point anyways?

Sarah: I really hate these sorts of questions, what is the point of being alive anyway?

Bobby: I live to JUMP as easy as drinking carrots juice.

Sarah: I’m not sure. I have my own doubts.

Bobby: what kind?

Sarah: Well after all, societies and organizations are forms and models with the aim of improving the quality of life? The problem here is that they omitted to define and clearly underline the meaning of their words. “Better world”, “Better life” what is that even supposed to mean bobby?

Bobby: Well my TV show is about to start; you’re making me late girl /redhead.

Sarah (Suspicious): AM I?

Bobby: Oh no, not that look!

Sarah: What’s your show is all about?

Bobby: (Sounding passionate) How to jump faster!

Sarah: Well that was it Bobby, you want to jump faster so that you could save time, in other words you are approaching the future compared to those who jump with an average speed.

Bobby: I’m just a rabbit Sarah, How can I ever deal with your irrational dreams and fantasies? Don’t you have a crush? Oh no you’re still too young to have one! Besides I still need you here so don’t want to be replaced.

Sarah: I’m not a dreamer! I don’t like dancing and flowers. I’m just too curious to sit down.

Bobby: Hey you what is wrong with flowers?

Sarah: And what is wrong with Questioning? Still my statement does not eliminate yours.

Bobby: A girl is supposed to be shy, beautiful, and creative. You have all you need redhead to impress the world.

Sarah: “A rabbit is to jump” And that should be my final assertion.

Bobby: Hey you again! Are you saying I’m a useless rabbit with no purpose in life but jumping.

Sarah (Cracking up): I don’t see how some things imply to you and not me. Fascinating rabbit!

Bobby: I’m turning on the TV, and that means end of discussion.



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