The justice reminder…

Crossing the road does not seem like a big deal. My uncle Frank whose name does not fit his corrupted nature; once said “Child, you can’t think while crossing! You just do it as fast as you could…”
My uncle Frank was good at not showing interest. Yes, Morality has been just crushed. Not to say that I’m overlooking the goodness side; he seemed to be heartbroken… He had an edgy perspective of love.
“Mona”, was his exceptional obsession… I felt helpless as he knew that being together would only ruin it. So, he decided to live upon a memory. As strange as it is, love is a good motive for us to survive; but she was away and she had kids of her own. I have to admit it, it irritated me! Did she love him back at least? Does she even know there is someone who smiles each time her name is mentioned? Why would he give up on someone he loved beyond infinity?
Unfortunately, he was good at shutting everyone down also. He hated being questioned when it came to “Mona”.
Perhaps now you would like to know about me ? are you possibly requiring a name ? Alright Alright My name is Charles . Well if it were up to me , I would have told you a different definition. Charles does not entirely stand up for my dizzy world.
“ Sometimes I can’t relate , I mean most of the time the picture is too obvious for me that I start wondering am I too insightful ?” The truth is that I’ve always loved uncle frank , he is such trouble but still I would love to hear his lies as long as it made him feel good. In fact, I enjoyed his enhanced versions.
All I ever wanted was to help him see that it is all possible when you actually decide to drive by yourself ! Oh No, do not get me wrong dear reader , Mona was a true thing I assure you. It sort of hurts me to be capable of managing a situation and providing a full support but still having as well the ability to communicate my thoughts as they cross my mind. Dear reader do you want to know a secret about me ? I had a weird passion since I was a kid, I loved drawing maps. As years passed I understood that doing maps is not something I did on papers, but in everything I do or think of . From Huge plans to little daily tasks, the details formed my very constructive map. To sum up, My big concern was to fail at not being considerate enough. Having to feel others pain might seem as a burden to some of you but to me after all is a true delight. It amuses me how I could reflect on others emotions as if it happened in my own body.
My Frank was like “ Home of emotions” he yelled at me most of the time . But then you would see him laughing and bringing a delicious cake as to say I’m sorry. Due to all the goodness inside of him I tend to overlook his very illogical approach. He has always told me to be a good person and to stick to that.



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