Black roses…

As I was rambling around the neighbourhood , I saw black roses. I rubbed my eyes twice to make sure I wasn’t daydreaming again. In vain; there were black roses in Mr’s Clock Garden.
In fact, rumors have been swirling the suspicious death of his wife “ Maléna”. They have been married for years , that they thought nothing could tear them apart. Since , she passed away he became more reserved and quiet. Only childish memories spring to mind each time I see Mr clock. In regard to the black roses; I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to pluck one…


In the blink of an eye, I found myself mowing toward an enchanted garden, I felt like I was bewitched.I crouched down to take a sniff at these astonishing roses.

Unfortunately, my alone time was interrupted by Mr clockd who snarled at me…
 Mr clock: why don’t you mind your own business litlle kid !! Meddling in others affairs won’t get you anywhere, haven’t your parents taught you that ?
 Alice : why are these roses black ? are you a wizard ?
( Cracking up) Mr clock: What black roses ? They are blue … You must get you a pair of
glasses. Do you think there is a difference ?
Alice: No , I don’t think there is one.
He patted me on the back , smiled at me in the most friendly way I could have ever dreamt of, then he said :
 I should tip my hat to you, and you asked me earlier if i were a wizard, well I
think you are.
Alice: what happened to your wife mr clock ?
Mr clock: She is fine, I talk to her everyday. I was actually expecting her before you came…
Alice: But I thought she was dead, and how come you still talk to her if she left the real
Mr clock: But I thought you said there is no difference ? I thought it really didn’t matter to you if the roses were black or blue , then why couldn’t it be the same for my wife ? I’m the perceiver of my reality…
I stared at him , I felt like time froze at that moment when he said those last lines and the truth is I couldn’t be more grateful…I woke up to realize that it was only a dream, it was so intense I felt it more than anything else in the world. A place called dream, a kind of fantasy where roses are

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